Spare Thyme

Put your Handmade Furniture orders in! Soon pieces will be available at the Farm Stand @ Meadow Harvest, off Route 11 heading toward Malone, from Potsdam, NY. More picture examples to come. Email!        

All Animals For Sale!

We’re shifting our focus next year to produce, flowers, landscaping, and fixing up property buildings for artistic happenings, so the animals are going. We have sheep, turkeys, pigs, llamas, and chickens. Call 315-261-2127 for details or email: Have a lovely day!

them and tomatoes

Stairs of the roadside stand.  They call this bean a dragon’s tongue.  Shelleymae watching a lightning storm. Summer on a second-hand piece about to be situated in the farmhouse.  Lovebirds, hugging in the midst of their work.

new Farm Stand hours

The shop located at 9189 US Highway 11 Potsdam, NY, will now be open Monday-Friday 2-6 and Saturdays 9-1p!

wanna be a woodcutting volunteer?

we have so many wood piles sitting around the yard! so much to do! If you’re interested in volunteering by woodcutting/splitting/stacking, in exchange for meals and a room, write or call 315-261-2127.

a family’s visit

Their presence was an absolute delight. And they purchased pieces from The Farm Stand, made by Dawn Dishaw,                  photos by Summer Dorr,