Meadow Harvest is a scenic land in Northern NY. The farm is in its startup phase. With near 200 acres, there is so much potential!
      Volunteers live in The Farmhouse, where they’ll have a bed, change of sheets, towels, laundry load each week, wireless internet access, and three daily meals. (Those with food allergies, and to vegetarians and vegans, just let your dietary needs be known prior to arrival.) Chores depend on the season of arrival. Volunteers stay a minimum of one week.  Compatibility helps gauge duration of stay thereafter. Volunteers contribute five hours a day, or weekly total of 30 hours. Regarding transportation: there are every day rides to/from Potsdam (8 miles off).
      Free time on the farm can be used for the composition of songs, genesis of paintings, continuation of novels, and/or frolicking about the fields and conversing with the llamas or sheep!
Some farmhouse spaces:
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