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Re: Meadow Harvest
It is such a vibe! I make art— sculptures here. There’s been an outdoor wedding, photo shoots (captures from two ending up in magazines/journals), and a short film—that got into a festival—made here! And there’s an outdoor movie theatre, yard gallery, and a swimming hole with floats, swings and a diving board. Oh! And chickens, a duck named Cornelius, roomy brook-side campground, and organic produce!! The air smells of flowers from the beautiful trees and landscaped lands. You can volunteer and stay for your “room” (tents provided). I feel the world slows down here; not to hyperbolize but sometimes I think this place is heaven, what a nook of it must be like. Full disclosure— my Ma owns this 200-acre destination. I live a ways off, in the Adirondacks, and love visiting, and what she’s doing here, so much.
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